Dawei 1st main are over at GP3F and both pole men took an easy win and are now really close to the overall win.

unforgettably In stock, Steffen had a great start and quickly open a gap over Joe and Manuel. The fight for second place was close as Manuel was very fast in the opening laps. He tried to overtake Joe but they touched and both spun letting Tom maquel to take the 2nd spot. The battle for 3rd place was then between Joe, Manuel and Aurélien Thréhout. The fight was close until the end and finally Aurélien took the 3rd spot in front of Joe and Manuel.


In modified, Ronald, Marc and Lucas had a good start. Ronald opened a lead to get a 3 second lead over Marc. Lucas made a small mistake at the end of the straight giving some fresh air to Marc that finished second, 3 seconds ahead of Lucas.

2nd mains are now on the way and front runners will have to find something to deny the pole men from victory!