somedeal Onlookers awaiting for a great show in last stock A main weren’t disapointed as it was a great fight on the track between the podium contenders. Steffen Leinburger enjoy a perfect start behind Thilo Todtmann, creating immediatly a small gap with the Xray driver. After a few laps thilo achieve to fill the gap behind them and put Steffen under pressure.  After some laps, the two cars wheel to wheel touch themselves and Thilo sees Steffen retain the lead. This allowes Markus Kreder to came back in the fight for victory as a came and pressure Thilo. As Thilo has to protect his position, Steffen was relieved and able to create again a gap on Thilo. Thilo and Markus go on a great battle, the two german touch themselves, and finally Markus gain the 2nd place. Steffen keeps his cool till the end, thus achieving the german to enjoy a second GP3F champion title in a row. Markus Kreder, who impressed every onlookers with great driving in finals take the second step on the podium. Being quite unlicky, as he was maybe as fast as the winner, Thilo Todtmann, settle for 3rd place.


In mod class, Ronald Volker complete a perfect week end as he won every round he races. French drivers create some great show as Lucas Urbain and Loic Jasmin fight together all the race long for 7th place. The two made a blistering « mano a mano ». In the end, Lucas goes his Wildfire traction roll and Loic won the battle.